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How and where do I start? This was my exact thoughts when I found out I was going to have an overnight stay at the beautiful Lifehouse Spa. What do you wear?  Should I go dressy? Should I go casual? Do I need 5 pairs of shoes? Yes I am a girl that doesn't pack light and I always like options just in case.
Well if you are planning to go a spa, to switch off and have some well deserved you time, I hope this is useful to you, as I struggled on what to pack and how you prepare my for a spa experience, so let's get into it.

First thing is first you will need the following essentials:
X2 Swimsuits (Nothing like having a treatment done in a wet swimsuit, I learnt the hard way) Flip flops (Spas do provide you with some but I brought my own) A Smart casual outfit for dinner (Varies on your own style, I packed heels and a dress, dress smart casual and you will never go wrong) A good book/Magazine of your choice. Skincare, hair-care and make-up  (I packed my essential and versatile produ…

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