My Fitness Journey

Well you have properly guessed by the title of this post, what it's going to be all about but it's got a twist to it.
This is because I'm not going to tell you how to get fit, I think everyone know's the basics, eat more fruit and veg, drink more water and exercise the right way, but what people don't seem to highlight is those days where you want to be a sloth and you have no motivation, trust me since i've been on my fitness regime I have felt everyone of them, but some how I did manage to get off my backside and get down the gym. So how am I doing it well let me take you back to the very beginning of . . .

April 2017 

This is where it all changed for me I recently had my birthday and it got me thinking I'm 27 years young and I am meant to be in my prime time but didn't feel it physically, my weight has always been an issue for me, dating back to when I was in primary school and severely bullied because of my weight and the way I looked. Fast forward to after I had finished university I lost 3 stone purely on diet alone but my body still had wobbly bits (everyone has wobbly bits), eventually I put all of the weight back on.

So something had to drastically change, I love the saying "If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten."

On the 12th April the Thursday before my birthday weekend (no time like the present) for me personally not knowing how to train my body in the right way to get maximum results, I met with a personal trainer at my local gym and had a consultation, I was weighed and measured to every inch of my body, this didn't bother me because I knew these measurements where going to be the worst they would be, the only way the could go from here was down.
My Trainer Vicky really went in depth of what I wanted but made sure It was going to be realistic approach which I respected, as we all can get carried away doing one gym session and expect to look like a Victoria's Secret model, this is something I really need to highlight at this point, I didn't want overnight transformation I wanted something I can incorporate into my lifestyle, this would give me the structure of keeping up with a new routine, I also had to keep a food diary, not the best timing with my birthday celebrations in full swing but non of the less I was honest which is what my trainer wanted, there is no point in lying because they will know by the guilt on your face.

Right here goes nothing every Tuesday is for yoga, Thursday is for personal training, Sundays is for swimming.

Yoga is something Ive always wanted to do but never really got round to it until now, best thing I changed my ways because I love it, the teacher is amazing! I have stretched muscles I didn't know existed and is a great way to socialise, have a bit of you time and switch off from the outside world.

One particular session with the lovely Vicky will stay with me, she really pushed me and my body to it's limit, I actually enjoyed this because it was out of my comfort zone and was a case of mind over matter, double dip squats was entertaining, safe to say I couldn't walk for 4 days! It taught me that I was doing something right and was a personal achievement for me also, if only walking around like Bambi on ice was a trend I would of nailed it!

24th May - My first Weigh In . . .

Between 5 and 6 weeks of training and maintaining this new routine Ive not missed one session and feeling better about myself, perfect the whole going to the gym on my own is still a working progress but it's going in the way I want it to.

Weigh in - I put on 2 pounds, lost 2 inches of my waist and 1 inch from each arm and gained around and inch on my thighs. Technically I had lost even though I had put on 2 pound. Vicky explained this could be water from the carbs I had eaten for the past two days and muscle gain.

Now this wasn't what I really wanted to hear and was disappointed this was ok for me to feel like this., like I said before I didn't want an overnight fix I want this as my lifestyle, I was straight back in that gym, this wasn't going to stop me.

June 2017

This was a case of finding out food and the right balance for my body, what was working or not working. This will be different for everyone because our bodies work differently and is still something I'm working on now my trainer explained that it't not all about working out in the gym it's about 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise, being a lover of food and having a sweet tooth this is something I'm learning everyday, now thats not to say I'm going to say no to anything sweet or eat minimal that would be ridiculous and not healthy, it's about proportion and having self control which we all know goes out the window at the weekend, trust me been there done that for a few weekends! 
So I meal prepped for breakfasts and lunches, every Sunday or Monday this allowed me to 1. see what I will be eating in the week 2. control what I'm actually eating. This saved me a lot of time and money, grab and go kind of method, meal prep is something I would 100% recommend doing.

14th June - Second Weigh in . . .

This is my kind of weigh in I lost pounds and inches! My trainer measures and weighs me each month, in between I do not go near scales because your weight can vary from morning to night and day to day, especially us girls that have time of the month and we retain water. 
For me it is about losing weight and inches but a massive factor is feeling it in myself, I have noticed a massive change in my strength and confidence, I actually work out in the weights section of the gym where the guys that work out look like hulk, I would never think in a millions years I would be doing that but it actually makes me think that the best thing I done back in April was just start and get myself out there.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my journey, something you won't want to miss, a whole lot of sweat and sets! 


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